Ottawa's premier environmentally friendly pressure washing service.

Why Choose Power Clean?

Bringing the power of clean to Ottawa and surrounding areas with the most versatile and
environmentally friendly pressure washing service available. Keeping the city clean and shining for all toenjoy.

Boost Your Eco Status

Can boost your eco-status if participating in a LEEDS program by using our on-board water
recycling, allowing 90% of water to be micron-filtered and turned potable for re-use.

Large or Low-rise Trailer

Large or low-rise trailer. Large trailer with on-board recycling, longest lines for high reach and
most water supply. Low-rise trailer for tight spaces and underground (parking garages).

Eco-friendly, Biodegradeable Options

Variety of biodegradable, ecologically friendly cleaning solutions for many applications.

Services to Meet All Your Needs

From parking garages to residential homes, POWERCLEAN offers many types of services to meet your unique needs. 

Parking Garage Maintenance

washing down all parking areas, pavement and stairwells to
eliminate dust and dirt buildup.


remove years worth of old chewing gum, rusting from metal signs and railings, staining and dirt/grime, leaving sidewalks looking like new!


Residential/Commercial or Industrial application, remove water stains/drip marks, efflorescence on masonry, old chipping and peeling paint.

Vehicle Fleets/Heavy Equipment

book regular service for your vehicle fleets and heavy equipment, ensure your mobile image is gleaming … always!

Garbage Bins/Enclosures

Get rid of the STINK with regular deodorization maintenance.

And Much More!

Other services include: graffiti removal, strip malls, residential homes, awnings, signage, and more!

About Power Clean

Your whole project solutions people. Power Clean Pressure Washing is the perfect solution for your pre-paint prep work, remove any dry and flaking old paint from various surfaces before applying new; Power Clean understands how our service
ties directly to painting – so we offer that too! Your whole project solutions people.

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Our Team/Promise

Our team has been involved in the construction, home improvement and building maintenance industry for the last 10 years, having gained first-hand knowledge of how to give the best service, product and commitment to our clients. No detail goes unseen with our team, let us be your eyes and we will help you see everything your property needs to go from average to dazzling. We guarantee satisfaction and more to every client, and will not rest until you are 100% happy with your service.

We guarantee an environmentally friendly experience whenever the Power Clean rig arrives on site, all aspects of the service are catered to minimize the amount of footprint left – keeping mother nature and your project pristine.

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